Monday, December 19, 2011

Help for Cagayan de Oro and Iligan

We are collecting donations for typhoon victims in Cagayan de Oro City!
Collection period:  December 20-31, 2011.

Donations of medicines, food, water, beddings, clothes, household items, hygiene products, school supplies are welcome.

Please send donations to Catholic Association of Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals in Asia (ACIM-ASIA) at 2400 De Dios Street, Lagao, 9500 General Santos City.
Or call 083 301 8824 for collection.
Thank you so much and may God bless your kind hearts!

Aerial view of CDO after the typhoon:

Video of typhoon aftermath in Iligan City:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hope for Alyn

Greetings from Jolo! 

Alyn has Thalassemia Major. She's already 14 years old but she has the body of a 5 years old. She is in the public hospital here in Jolo suffering pains. She needs help.  Her family cannot afford her treatment.  I do hope that your association could give real help in many ways. Thank you so much and God bless. 

Fr. Romeo P. Villanueva, OMI.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Please help me....

Please help me.
I heard that you take pity on poor people who are sick.  May I ask for whatever help you can please extend to my children, especially my fourth son?  He has mitral valve dysplasia.  He is complaining of difficult and painful breathing.  I know that someday I will have to let him go, but while he is alive and under my care, I would like to be able to find help for him.  I applied for free heart surgery for him through a surgical mission, but they require a 2-D echo for which I could not pay.  Can you please help me?
My first son has degenerative disease of the eyes and two ophthalmologists already warned that he will lose his sight around 21 years old. He is 19 years old now.  His vision is blurred and he is depressed because he cannot help me earn income for the family. My second son has hyperthyroidism and rheumatic heart disease.  My third son has true hermaphroditism and also rheumatic heart disease.  My fifth child, my only daughter, has a very rapid heartbeat, for which I have not yet sought medical diagnosis because I could not afford a diagnostic test for her. 
I am a food vendor, a single parent.  I can provide food and shelter for my children, but I can barely pay for their medical care.  Please help me.

A kind nurse informed me that your office helps sick children.  My child is two years old and he has acute leukemia.  He is currently on the first phase of treament.  The doctor advised me that he will need P227,278.00 for three years of treatment.  I have already spent P21,850 .00,  but I am finding it difficult to raise the total amount needed because I am an ordinary technician in a fishing company.   Can you help us, please?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Plea from Basilan

Dear Friends in Christ,

Today, December 7, 2011, we received a text message from a local retired doctor based in Basilan, as quoted below, asking for some support to start her charitable clinic which will pave the way to provide free health care access to the local community.

"Good afternoon I am "Dra. B", President of East side Barangay Senior Citizen Association and a past president of our Basilan Rotary Club.  They gave me your number if I need some medical instruments and medical supplies. We have put up a health center clinic at our barangay hall. Just a small room for me and midwife to do a consultation and check up for pregnant  women in our barangay.

I am a retired Provincial Health Officer and Chief of Our General Hospital. I just do these things for free. We are in need of two stethoscopes, two sphygmomanometer, syringes, scalpel, different forceps, suturing needles, gauzes, plaster, surgical scissors, betadine and other needs for emergencies of a small clinic in order for me and our senior citizen to be of help to our barangay and community.

I would be very grateful as well as our community if you could give us these things we needed.
Please kindly help us. Thank you and God bless."

If you are interested or know anyone who is willing to spare some of these materials for her clinic, please let us know. :) 

Thank you very much for your generosity.

God bless! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

November 24, 2011 - Medical Mission in the Marsh

The organizer and the locals
Floating houses of the marsh built on stilts.
Five hours drive from General Santos City and 30 minutes boat ride (speed boat running at 70kilometers per hour) is what it takes to reach this mission area. It was once an MILF infested area, where hostages of the most hostile kidnappings were recovered and houses were built on stilts about 3 meters above the water.

Our mode of transportation going to the
mission area.
The mission venue. Barangay captain's house
that also functions as  the barangay hall.
A small medical team from Department of Health ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and ACIM Asia went for a medical civic action program initiated by the 11th Special Force of the Philippine Army in Barangay Katamlangan, Sultan Kudarat last November 24, 2011. The barangay is discreetly located in a marsh Moslim community that is only reached through water transportation such as the boats/speed boats.   
Civil Affairs Team of US Army also joined the activity of the 11th Special Force that is a special unit of Philippine Army who maintained the peace and order development in the area. It was held in the house of the barangay captain, which is also the hall of the barangay.
Patients coming into the mission site to
avail of the free medical services.

Assessment and Registration area.
Department of Health ARMM and ACIM Asia provided medical volunteers, and medicines that were used in the mission. There was only one doctor who served, but she managed to cater 150 medical patients, who paddled their way to avail of the free consultation, health assessment and medications.

Most of the patients are Moslems that were economically marginalized because they are torn by the consistent conflicts between the rebels and the army. They are also situated in a warzone area that is obviously cannot be accessed easily. Generally, a family’s source of income is through fishing, which is also a struggle because it is only the means of survival for almost everyone.
The medical doctor from the DOH,
side by side with the assessment team.
Patients waiting for their names to be
called in the pharmacy. 
This kind of situation places health care as their list priority, not only because it is difficult to be accessed topographically but also they don’t see its necessity. These also results to a high calibre kind of diseases and chief complaints they cannot express. Although there were less people who came, a day is not enough to address their needs.
The special force unit was planning to implement livelihood projects and various civic action programs for these communities, not only to neutralize the conflict but also to provide the people long term empowerment.

November 16, 2011 - A Hand in Hand Mission

The waiting line for the minor surgical.
A medical, dental civic action program was conducted last November 16, 2011 in Provincial Gym of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao, approximately 2 and a half hour travel by land from General Santos City. This event was initiated by the Bravo Company of 33rd IB, Philippine Army in cooperation with other agencies both governmental and nongovernmental alike to serve the marginalized, conflict afflicted people of the province.

Soldier explains to the patient how she should
take her medicines.
Tremendous support was given by the Local Government unit of Datu Paglas province who provided the meals of the volunteers and logistical support team, while the Integrated Provincial Health Office of Maguindanao and Rural Health Unit of Datu Paglas provided the medical doctors, dentists, nurses, medical technicians, pharmacist and a mobile hospital. The Quijano Hospital from Tacurong and Sultan Kudarat Doctors Hospital provided additional nurses who manned the registration area, while the ACIM Asia had dentists served in the dental area along with the IPHO and military dental team, nurses and auxiliary people who manned the pharmacy.

ACIM Asia team was composed of three dentists, namely Dr. And Dra. Madrid along with their two assistants, Dra. Nisperos and her assistant, Alexandra – Swiss volunteer, Maricar, Sheryl, Aldy, and three other nurses - Mel, Adon, Lourdes.
33rd IB ensured the safety of the volunteers, the smooth flow of the activities and made sure that all patient needs were catered. 

Medical patients were given some complimentary
 health kits while waiting for their turn to be
examined by medical doctors
The ACIM Asia team with 33rd IB, PA
At the end of the busy day, the team served about 800 medical patients, 195 dental patients, 165 patients were also circumcised while 11 undergone minor surgery. An evaluation was also made to conclude the activity, which was also an avenue for the mayor to recognize each partner agency who gave some comment about the activity.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alive and Joyful! Thanks Be to God!

October 7
Rosary Crusade, Bioethics Conference and Procession
Patients from General Santos City and Sarangani and ACIM staff were among the sixty four delegates from General Santos who went to Davao City to attend the Rosary Crusade, Bioethics Conference and Procession from October 7 until October 9. 

The trip was filled with adventure.  The team gathered in St. James Chapel at 11:30AM but the three truckloads of participants could only start rolling towards Davao at 1:45PM, upon the arrival of 3 parties that were late.  After gassing up, the trucks roared off, to the obvious pleasure of the excited delegates. Then one truck died a sudden, unexplainable death.  Six ambitious mechanics from the delegation jumped to the rescue.  But one truck, which had already covered some kilometers, had to retrace its steps to help solve the mystery.  When the mystery was solved, the trucks again roared off.  On the hot, rough and dust-powdered road to Davao, the rain decided to refresh the team.  The blessing went through the roof to generously shower every body and every bag of clothes.  And then, as the wet passengers looked forward to arriving on time, the traffic slowed.  Mud-stuck tires and detours caused by the road construction made the team stay longer on the road.  Up ahead, a prime mover truck skidded, fell side-ward and jammed the road furthermore.  So more rosaries were finished before the team finally arrived in Davao. A grand welcome warmed up the team.  Free new t-shirts were given out!  The shirts were nicely printed with the SSPX logo and Rosary Crusade letters. Who could take away the smiles from the newly-arrived delegates?

Immediately after changing into dry shirts, the delegates attended the Holy Mass.  After the Mass there was a nice dinner which energized the team for the all-night vigil.  The Gensan-Sarangani team took three consecutive hours for the vigil.  The Apostles of Mary and the youth from the mission villages took the 3:00 AM schedule, followed by the Legion of Mary who took the 4:00 AM slot.  The last hour was taken by the children from Gensan and Sarangani mission areas.  They were led in the prayers by Wallace Hibanada and Cyrah Angela Andres.  The faithful in Davao said they were impressed to see 23 children kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament praying the Holy Rosary. 

 October 8
Eucharistic Crusade
At 11:00 AM, Frs. Timothy and Joseph Pfeiffer organized a Eucharistic Crusade in the German House attended by the Legion of Mary and the Apostles of Mary.  Fr. T. Pfeiffer explained the necessity and the system for establishing the Crusade among the children.  Afterwards, he asked them to organize the children for the Eucharistic Crusade.

Children’s Eucharistic Crusade:
At 2:00 PM, the Apostles of Mary gathered the children for the Eucharistic Crusade.  There were two divisions, one for the little children, and another for the bigger children.  The first group (for little children) was handled by Maricar Navales, Chrisma Jane Bravo, and Judith Dagatan.  Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer joined them to give stories of the Eucharistic Crusade to the children, especially how children loved and defended the Blessed Sacrament. He asked the children to join the Crusade to express their love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  The second group (for bigger children) was handled by Yolly Eileen Gamutan.  Fr. Tim Pfeiffer joined the group.  He called on participants to join in impromptu plays to demonstrate the goodness of the virtue of obedience.  He explained about the perfect obedience of Christ on the Cross by which He redeemed the world and asked the children to join the Crusade to help save souls.

Bioethics Conference
At 4:00PM, the group gathered at Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine for the Bioethics Conference which was organized by Jerome Babate.  ACIM staff printed the booklets used by Dr. Fidel Penamante in his talk on the “Deadly Deception:  International Planned Parenthood’s Assault on Children, Family and Nation”.  There were about 85 participants to the conference. The conference ended with a Sung Mass and community dinner.  Before bedtime, there were parlor games and contests for the children and teenagers.  Prizes were happily shared and enjoyed with new-found friends.  Fr. T. Pfeiffer led the evening prayers before the lights were turned off.

October 9
The Rosary and Eucharistic Crusade culminated with a Procession at 6:00 AM from Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine in Buhangin to the People’s Park in the heart of the city, a two-hour’s walk covering 8 kilometers.  

Two military trucks and 7 military men were placed at the disposal of the team through the kindness of a lieutenant who works with ACIM-Asia in delivering health services to the poor in war-ravaged communities in Southern Mindanao.  The trucks and the military men were helpful in the transport of the chairs, tables, altar and Mass supplies.  The military trucks took up the rear end of the procession and served to silence the hostile parish priest who had threatened to use all his power to stop the procession.  A police car took the lead.  So really, there was nothing that the parish priest could do.  He was probably amazed at our boldness as he stood at the door of his church and silently watched the procession pass by. 

 The procession ended at the park where an Altar was set for Holy Mass.  A couple of park maintenance personnel attended the Holy Mass.  After the Holy Mass, the community gathered for a thanksgiving lunch and then parted ways.  
The Gensan team, with the military, helped in transporting the materials used for the Holy Mass and then departed for Gensan. Upon arrival, the children were treated to an ice cream party, courtesy of Fr. Tim Pfeiffer. 

 October 17
His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay in Conference in Davao
Patients and catechism pupils from the mission villages in Sarangani Province happily asked to be among the forty one delegates from General Santos who went to attend the conference of His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay.  ACIM Staff served as choir, assisted by Ms. Alexandra Vonlanthen, a Swiss volunteer.  The patients were happy for the opportunity to be part of the delegation, and hoped fervently that they would receive special blessings.

October 18
Youth Conference at the German House
Before the departure of the Gensan team, Fr. T.Pfeiffer gave a special conference to the youth about the crisis in the Church and the need for vigilance and serious study for the defense of the Catholic Faith.

October 19
Confirmation in General Santos City
Fifty one candidates lined for Confirmation in St. James Chapel (Figure based on the number registered by Judith, who typed the confirmation cards).  Six members of patients' families were among those who received the Sacraments.  Te Deum laudamus!


 October 21
Emergency Patient Assisted
ACIM staff responded to an emergency call to assist a beggar who collapsed from a thyroid crisis.  Patient and family were assisted to prepare for death as medical assistance was being rendered.  With help from a local sponsor, the patient was brought to the hospital for admission, prayers were said at the bedside and family members were exhorted to pray.  Preparation for confession was done.  Fr. T. Pfeiffer heard the confession the next day, on his arrival from Davao.

October 22
Youth Formation in General Santos City
Fr. T.Pfeiffer gathered the youth who were actively assisting the apostolate to give a conference on the Holy Mass—the history and the protestant-inspired changes manifested in the Novus Ordo Mass.  Sixteen youth attended the conference.  He discussed also the charter of the Apostles of Mary league and asked the AoM members to observe the discipline of the league, particularly in the wearing of the badge and the training of the relief team.  The youth had been very helpful in the preparation of patients for Confession and Extreme Unction and Baptism.  He urged them to bring in more youth to love and serve God.

Confirmation candidates from Sarangani enjoyed their dish-washing service at the mission office last October 16. Hopefully, they will respond generously to grace and continue to give good help to the mission in the future.

Jane happily standing up on her own.  Her condition has helped bring her family to the sacraments.  Her parents received the sacraments of Confirmation and Matrimony on October 19. Her older siblings received the sacrament of Confirmation together with their parents.  Today, when her mother brought her along for the Assisi reparation vigil, she brought hope to the people when she sang the Gloria Patri on entering the chapel. Blessed be God! May she always find her delight in God.

October 27
Alive and joyful! Thanks be to God!
The patient who had collapsed from thyroid crisis joyfully prepared to go home.  Thanks be to God for His enduring mercy.  May the patient and her family grow in faith and love God with their whole hearts forevermore.  Fervent thanks to the local sponsor who is paying the hospital bill and to the volunteers who sat and prayed at her bedside and gave spiritual support to the patient and her family in the critical moments.  Special thanks also to Fr. Pfeiffer for his zeal.  May more joyful hearts sing the goodness of God!

Thanksgiving Ceremony in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat
The municipality of Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat, wished to honor Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickes and ACIM for the generous health service extended to the poor.  Alexandra Vonlanthen received the honors on behalf of Dr. Dickes and ACIM.  She was assisted by Sheryl Ocampo, Maricar Navales and Patrick Intes.

Onward and Upward

September 3:
Happy Feast of St. Pius X!
Prayers were joyfully offered for the intentions of the SSPX Priests, whose constant support to the mission has made the mission go a long way.  

September 8:
Happy Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
On this special day, mission staff and volunteers offered fervent prayers for the mission benefactors and sponsors to the Patroness of the mission, the blessed Mother of God.  Noble Virgin, may our tribute win thy love and gain us grace.  Ora, ora pro nobis!

September 10:
Cemetery Visit and Catechism
Fr. Suelo, assisted by an ACIM staff, went to North Cemetery together with the family the patient with HIV infection, to bless his grave on the occasion of the 40th day of his death.  His family attended Holy Mass.  They had been coming to Our Lady of Victories Church to attend Holy Mass occasionally. After the blessing of the grave, the ACIM volunteer proceeded to the family residence to give catechism lessons to the family, relatives, and neighbors of the deceased who had gathered for the occasion.  The catechism lesson was lively because the listeners actively participated, raised questions and presented their arguments.  They asked for more lessons.

September 15, 2011:
RH and HR Conference
Three ACIM delegates attended the Reproductive Health Bill conference at the University of the Philippines and distributed pamphlets on the Catholic principle on Human Rights and Duties.  The conference featured Sen. Pia Cayetano and Sen. Miriam Santiago who were lobbying for the Reproductive Health as Human Rights.  The theme of the conference was:  “RH as HR”.  The conference venue was packed with about 280 pro-RH student leaders and representatives of government and non-government agencies.  The ACIM delegates deemed it impractical to participate in the open forum as the audience-speaker interaction indicated solidarity in the cause of RH Bill legislation.  ACIM delegates were able to distribute about 120 papers, nevertheless.  No positive reaction was perceived on the paper.  However, outside the conference venue, as ACIM delegates distributed papers upon their exit, one young man went after the team to inquire about the Catholic position on the RH Bill.  He introduced himself as the president of the student organization UP for Life and gave his contact number for future working alliance.

September 18:
Holy Mass in Fatima 39 Village
After Sunday Mass in St. James Chapel, Fr.T.Pfeiffer, assisted by Apostles of Mary and Legion of Mary went to Fatima 39 village to give catechism lessons and to offer Holy Mass.  Thirty children and eight adults attended the Holy Mass.  Fr. Pfeiffer organized games for the children.  Fr. Couture had already said Mass in this area during the mission in 2010.  Dr. Emeline de la Robertie had conducted a medical mission in the area on September 8, 2010.  The children of the village had been attending children’s camps conducted by the Apostles of Mary in the previous years.

September 25:
Fr. Laisney in Fatima 39 Village
After Sunday Mass in St. James Chapel, Fr. Francois Laisney, assisted by Apostles of Mary and Legion of Mary went to Fatima 39 Village to give catechism lesson.  More than fifty adult and children attended the lessons.  The AoM and the LoM served as interpreters.


A patient's mother came daily to the mission office for spiritual and psychological counseling.  Catechism lessons were given to help her find the answers to her confusions.  Twenty days of lessons led her to Confession after so many years of indifference and ignorance. 

Sursum corda!

August 1:
Demise of a special patient
The surviving family of the special patient with HIV sent a message to the mission staff to inform the team of the patient's death.  Prayers were offered for his repose. 

August 2, 2011
Prayers for the Dead
ACIM staff attended the wake and led the prayers for the repose of the patient's soul.  
Brief catechism on the necessity of prayers for the dead was given to the family and the friends and neighbors who were in the chapel.  Boxes of donated food items, left over from the mission, were given to the poor family. 

August 5, 2011
Blessing of the Corpse
Upon the request of the family, Fr. Edgardo Suelo blessed the body of the deceased patient.  The whole family was moved by the charity rendered to them and promised that they would continue to pray for his repose, and to prepare themselves for their own end.  No matter where the mission goes, spiritual kinship binds the mission staff to the patients and their families.  Birth, disease, death... Baptism, Extreme Unction and Requiem Masses lead patients and volunteers closer to God and to each other.  Truly, the more the mission continues, the bigger the mission family grows. 

August 6, 2011
Admission of Patient to Leprosarium
Fr. Suelo heard the Confession of a leprous patient and enrolled him to the Brown Scapular before he was accompanied by the mission staff to the leprosarium in Novaliches, Quezon City.  ACIM staff gave him a basic catechism lesson and assisted him in the examination of conscience before he went to Confession. He had stayed away from the sacraments for more than ten years.  He was given some food items, hygiene supplies and beddings before he was admitted to the hospital.  He went to the hospital hopeful, strengthened in faith by the Sacraments and by the moral support of the mission staff.

August 12, 2011
Visit to Our Lady of the Mystical Rose:
In thanksgiving for the grace of the mission, and to plead for special graces for the mission benefactors, patients and volunteers, three ACIM staff visited the statue of Our Lady of the Rose in Makati, in the church of Sts. Peter and Paul.  The statue was installed in the town of Makati and proclaimed as patron of the town in the year 1718.  The mission staff accidentally discovered of the existence of the statue in Makati on the early part of July, while preparing for a medical mission in the Catholic Cemetery which was under the jurisdiction of the Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul.  Ave Maria!

August 25, 2011

Free Clinic by Dr. Araneta at the Church Basement
To assist the sixty ophthalmic patients who were not accommodated at the mission venue on July, Dr. Araneta granted the request for an extension clinic in OLVC.  The patients were happy for the extended blessing given to them.  Fr. Suelo, Bro. Isidore, and two Bethanians gladly lined up for consultation too.  Fr. Suelo gave spiritual counsel to a pregnant teenager who came at the mission. 

August 27, 2011
Blessing of Patients' Homes
Fr. T Pfeiffer accompanied the ACIM staff to donate the near-expiry medicines to Quirino Memorial Medical Center.  Fr. Pfeiffer met the hospital director who was grateful for the donation and gave permission to ACIM to conduct spiritual apostolate among the sick in the hospital.  Due to lack of time, Fr. Pfeiffer decided to come back on another time for the spiritual work.  

After the hospital visit, the team proceeded to Damayang Lagi Village to bless the houses of mission patients.   There were 20 houses blessed, and there would have been so much more, if not for the time constraint.  The community gave a warm welcome to Fr. Pfeiffer and invited him to come back.  Fr. Pfeiffer gave a brief catechism to the people and invited them to Holy Mass.

In the evening the team went to Payatas, Quezon City to bless houses.  Payatas is the dumpsite of Metro Manila and the place had been prepared for a visit of a representative of the mission team, as requested by Dr. Dickes.  People in the community had been preparing for the visit of the priest during the medical mission.  However, due to flooding, Fr. Castel had not been able to come to this place.  Some contacts had been established in the village and a little wound treatment area was set up prior to the mission in July to establish rapport with the community.  ACIM Staff conducted some catechism lessons as he blessed houses.  Fr. Pfeiffer also gave a brief sermon on modesty to the family in the area who hanged framed pictures of the female members in beauty pageants and seemed ignorant  about the Blessed Virgin Mary's call for the virtue of modesty, although they also displayed her picture in their house.  The house blessings were done at night, after the evening Mass.  Fr. Pfeiffer could not come earlier so, despite the numerous requests for house blessing, he was only able to bless 8 houses.  More families are waiting for his return.  

August 28, 2011
Patients Enrolled to the Brown Scapular
Nineteen mission patients (adults and children) attended the Holy Mass at Our Lady of Victories Church and received scapulars from Fr. Suelo. Catechism lesson was given by ACIM staff.  

Two passersby inquired about the confession schedule in the Church.  They were assisted by ACIM staff who brought them to Fr. Suelo for Confession and who also gave them scapulars.

Raffle Draw in Honor of St. Pius X:

ACIM staff and patients participated in the raffle draw of good works and prayers for the intentions of the  SSPX priests in the Philippines and Asia, who contribute so much to the mission by their prayers and spiritual support.  Spiritual bouquet cards for the priests were submitted to Fr. Onoda.  With their constant care, mission volunteers and patients hope to succeed in lifting their hearts to God.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you for your unwavering support!

Thank you for supporting the Rosa Mystica Health Mission.  On behalf of the 2,500 and more patients who benefited from the mission, we express our heartfelt gratitude for the generous persons and companies who made the mission possible.  Special thanks to the sponsors and the volunteers!  May God be your reward!
Our sincerest thanks to the following volunteers and sponsors:

From France:
Alexandre BASTIDE, Claire BIZIEN, Magali BURGUBURU, Brigitte COULANGE, Blandine de CHARETTE, Danielle DICHARD, Gilbert DICHARD, Bernadette DICKES, Jean-Pierre DICKES, Delphine GROUHEL, Jacynthe PROT, Bertrand-Marie REMY, Eugenie REMY, Anne Claire ROUSSEAU, Jeanne de VENCAY, Caroline VERGEZ.
From USA:
Elizabeth PHALEN, Kristoff SAURETTE
From South Korea:
Eun Mi KIM, Brigitt Jiwon CHOI, Esther LEE, Yang Hee LEE, Jin-Kyung KIM, Eujine SOHN.
From Switzerland:
From Belgium:
From Ireland:
From Malaysia:
Melinda KHOR
From Singapore:
Karyn Anne YZELMAN
From Canada:

From the Philippines:
Iloilo: Dr. Ma. June VIRAY, Pediatrician
General Santos City:  Dr. Emely LAGARE (Pediatrician); Dr. Romeo TEVES (Pathologist); Dr. Nelda NISPEROS (Dentist); Ailea Kathleen ALEJADO (Nurse, Photographer); Marie Rosalie MARAVILLA (Pharmaceutical Distributor); Princess TEVES; Maricar AGUSTILO (Dentist's Assistant).
Davao City:  Anthony Cedric GHELA (Photographer-Documentor); Teofila ALABA
Cavite: Jerwin AGUINALDO
Legazpi City, Bicol:  Dr. Ma. Francia BINALINGBING
Naga City, Bicol:  Andrew PRINCIPE (Nurse)
Tanay, Rizal Province:  Miguela LUTO (Staff)
Our Lady of Victories Church, New Manila, Quezon City: Dr. Lee VERSOZA, Dr. Mia VERSOZA, Dr. Elaine Baens ARANETA, Dr. Dexter Anthony GRINO, Dr. Primitivo CHUA, Theodore Dizon, Marichu Hizon, Angie POSADAS, Jeff ONO, Lani ONO, 
Society of Saint Pius X:  Rev. Fr. Francois Castel (ACIM-France Chaplain); Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture (SSPX-Asia District Superior); Rev. Fr. Thomas Marie Onoda Keiji (Prior, Our Lady of Victories Church); Rev. Fr. Edgardo Suelo; Rev. Fr. Valan Rajakumar; Rev. Fr. Robert MacPherson.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

thank you for the love and care

June 24, 2011
Holy Mass of the Angels:
ACIM staff, assisted by Apostles of Mary members, assisted in the Mass of the Angels celebrated by Fr. T. Pfeiffer in Kawas, Sarangani Province.  The Mass was for Baby Erlyn Claire who died on June 20 in General Santos City Hospital.  She was baptized by Fr. T. Pfeiffer on June 17.  This is the second Mass of the Angels that the villagers have the grace to assist.  The first was for Baby Louie Jay.

There were seventy who attended the Mass together with the family of baby Claire.  Both mother and father went to confession and received Communion.  The Mass started late because the family struggled with the local superstitious customs which prohibited any movement of the body from the house before the final moment of the burial.  It took long to convince the elder folks to bring the body before the altar for the Holy Mass. 

 Adults came forward with their questions.  There were lively and hopeful discussions regarding the practice of the Catholic faith. Catechism lessons were given to the children and adults.  Sick residents in the village were blessed.  Houses were also blessed. As Fr. Pfeiffer went around, he gave brief sermons to the crowd following him.  A group of interested residents were gathered for singing practice.  Hymns for the Holy Mass were rapidly translated and taught to them.  The team went home just before midnight, tired but joyful.
June 23:
Feast of the Corpus Christi

Patients from Sarangani Province were delighted to be part of the Corpus Christi celebration:  Holy Mass, procession and party.  The floral carpet painstakingly made by the faithful and mission patients and sponsors are shown below.
Baskets, sacks and buckets of flowers and leaves found their way to the office where petals and leaves where segretated according to color and size.  Volunteers took turns putting the petals in place to complete the pictures.  

 June 17:
Catechism and First Holy Mass in Kawas
ACIM staff went to the village of dear Louie Jay in Kawas for the catechism visit and for their first Holy Tridentine Mass in the area. Apostles of Mary and aspirants of the Knights of Our Lady went along to assist.  An altar was set up. Fr.T. Pfeiffer gave a catechism lesson for the children about the  beauty of the Traditional Mass and the importance of confession.  Immediately afterwards, he heard confessions. There were nine humble hearts who made their confession including the parents of Louie Jay. After an hour of confession, 30 attended the Holy Mass.

Father sought out the menfolk in their meeting place.  He explained basic catechism to them and exhorted them to live good Christian lives and to lead their families to a Christian lifestyle.

 Teenagers gathered around Father to learn about Confession and the Holy Mass.
 Father visited the families in their homes, blessed their houses and gave them brief sermons about family prayers and the observance of the Commandments of God.
Before going home, Fr. T.Pfeiffer listened to the earnest request of a father from the village who asked if it were possible for the priest to visit his dying daughter who was in the public hospital in General Santos.  The team therefore went straight to hospital’s Emergency Room; thus, baby Erlyn Claire was baptized. After baptism, a man in the next bed asked for Confession, which Fr. Pfeiffer heard.  After giving him blessing, Father proceeded to the pediatric ward to bless sick babies.  Twenty one babies were blessed.
June 16:
Sick visitation  
Three Apostles of Mary members, together with Fr. T. Pfeiffer, went to Fatima 39 village to visit a bedridden patient for her confession. Surprisingly, she was already up and about when the team arrived.  Still, she made her confession.  Days before this visit, the Apostles of Mary members had prayed at her bedside and assisted her in preparing for her confession.  Her family had been fearing that she would die soon as she was no longer eating well and was too weak to move.
Blessing of Graves
Afterwards, the team proceeded to the public cemetery in Uhaw to bless the grave of a mission patient who died some months before.  The priest also blessed other graves.
Jail Visitation
That same day, the team visited the jail, particularly the female ward, for their Confession.  There were 12 inmates who made their confession.  Due to lack of due preparation, the male ward was not considered secure enough for the Priest's visit.


Thank you for the love and care!
June 8:
A woman in crisis came to the office with a desperate request:  can she leave her children in the office?  She had nowhere to go, and did not know what to do...  Today she is repairing her house and is looking forward to bringing her children back home.  Deo gratias.
The children stayed in the office for some days while the mother received crisis counseling. 

thank you for the toys!